New agitator design for powerful biogas energy generation

PRG Präzisions-Rührer GmbH and Biogas Teknik A/S want to shake up the danish market

Warburg, 15th November 2023 – Denmark is regarded as a pioneer in green energy and is driving forward the expansion of biomethane production. This makes the country particularly interesting for the German agitator technology manufacturer PRG. Based on a good partnership, PRG and Biogas Teknik would like to pave the way to green energy in Denmark together. 

"We have already installed around 70 agitators for biogas plants in Denmark. Worldwide, there are around 700," explains sales engineer Rainer Isermann, who is responsible for the biogas sector. The size of the tanks has grown steadily over the past two decades. While 1000 m³ was common in the beginning, tanks with 10,000 m³ are now the standard. "We are currently facing the next stage of development: customers are asking for even larger tanks," says Isermann. 

Powerful agitators for tanks up to 17.000 m³ 

In order to meet customer requirements, PRG has developed new high-performance agitator technology for the energy sector and can now present the new agitator design: With a power of 75 kW, 90 kW up to 110 kW, the propeller shaft can be designed to precisely fit the respective production process. The new design is based on extensive experience and numerical simulation. 

"Biogas Teknik has always been a good and reliable partner for us. We supply the agitators, and they supply the correspondingly large tanks. We therefore believe that we are well positioned to meet the new demands that the market is making," says CEO Frank Dierkes. 

PRG – world's leading manufacturer of mixing technology 

PRG has been developing and producing high-quality agitators for the energy sector in Germany for over 20 years with the highest precision and state-of-the-art production methods. Here, 150 employees are involved in development and production. PRG has made a name for itself worldwide as a leading manufacturer of agitators and agitator systems: In addition to Europe, the company also supplies the markets in the USA, China and, with its Indian subsidiary PRG Agitators Pvt. Ltd, the Indian market. PRG India produces to the same high standards as the plant in Germany. Around 50 people are currently employed there.

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