New centrally stirred digister for the danish biogas market

Henze-Harvestore GmbH and Biogas Teknik A/S want to build the biggest 

centrally stirred digester on the market with more than 17.000 m³ 

toghether to enter new fields in the danish biogas market. 

Unna, 15th November 2023 – As the danish Biogas market is a pioneer in green energy and we see a hugh potential for this market for the next years we developed a totally new CSTR (centrally stirred tank reactor) for our partner Biogas Teknik A/S. 

Finding the right partner for these projects 

As we already realized many projects together with Espen Johansen and his highly skilled and well experienced team we are looking forward to grow this partnership to the next level. We are more than convinced to have a great partner for this task! 

Agitation System 
One big task was to find a suitable central mixer which is able to stirr such a big volume with a low energy comsumption. Having a long relationship with the company PRG from Germany we also found a partner here who developed a brand new agitator  with a 90 kW engine.  

Henze-Harvestore GmbH – your experienced partner for bolted steel tanks
Tank construction has been our business since 1959. Henze Harvestore is an internationally active tank builder with a focus on Europe. We are active in the fields of industry, municipalities, biogas and agriculture.

Today, with almost 50 highly skilled employees for tank construction we are able to realize the highest quality for bolted steel tanks.

With our wide range of services and deliveries we can offer you a suitable tank for almost any medium. We use enameled steels, stainless steels as well as epoxy coated steel plates.

Typical applications are: Waste water tanks, sludge tanks, anaerobic reactors, aeration tanks, gas tanks, fermenters, secondary fermenters, manure silos, high silos for grain and corn.

Biogas Teknik 24. januar 2024
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